About Us

The Brand

Freewear is an original term used to capture  the unique and dynamic nature of our products and mission. Through our brand, we hope to foster a balance of leisure and fitness, while also sharing an appreciation of the world’s natural beauty with our members.

The Short

Phalanx was a battle formation made famous by the Spartans in Ancient Greece. Soldiers would stand together and overlap their shields to protect not only themselves but also those close to them. This spirit of solidarity is an ideal we strive for.

The Team

Born in Boston, influenced by Miami, tested in Southern California, our company seeks to provide our customers with the highest quality swimwear.  As a young brand, we are constantly trying to evolve and make the best products possible. We strive to be accessible and promote as much member engagement as possible. After all, without you, there is no us.  

If you have any questions or comments, reach out to us at contact@freewear.us